Anti-Spam Policy


In the realm of digital communication, ‘spam’ refers to unsolicited, excessive, or indiscriminate messages, often sent for advertising, commercial, or profit-driven purposes.

1.2 Our company strongly commits to a zero-tolerance spam policy.


2.1 This document was created using a template from SEQ Legal.

Spam filtering
The computerized messaging systems our company uses scan all incoming messages and block any that appear to be spam.

Our company retains the right to report any incoming emails as spam, which could potentially lead to the blacklisting of IP addresses or domain names.

Potential Problems with Spam Filtering
Currently, no filtering system is 100% accurate, so legitimate messages may occasionally be filtered out.

If a message you’ve sent has been filtered but you believe it’s legitimate, please reach out to the recipient using alternative communication methods.

To enhance the likelihood that your messages won’t be filtered by our systems, please consider rephrasing the content in the following ways before sending it to us.

(a) Use a plain text format for your message rather than HTML

(b) exclude any attachments of your message

(c) avoid common terminology or messaging patterns that are used by spammers

(d) ensure that you scan your messages for malware before sending

User spam
Our company offers a platform enabling users to send emails to us.

Our users are prohibited from utilizing our messaging platform or any of our other services to store, duplicate, send, communicate, or distribute spam.

The details concerning our messaging platform are available in the terms and conditions of use on our website.

In the event of receipt of unwanted messages from us
If you receive any communication from us or our automated systems that you believe is spam or otherwise inappropriate, please contact us using the information provided below so that we can investigate the matter thoroughly.


This policy can be changed at any time by posting the updated policy on this website.

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